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A Deflationary Token with Passive Rewards

Cross Chain NFT Marketplace Coming Soon


How it works



1 Trillion MVN tokens were minted at launch, but 600 Billion have already been burned and no more can ever be minted. A portion of the sell fee is burned, and we will also be holding periodic burn events to further reduce the total supply. This causes the total supply of tokens to decline over time, increasing their scarcity.


Passive Rewards

A 10% fee* is charged on every sale, part of which is automatically redistributed to existing token holders, and the rest redistributed to the community through airdrops/giveaways and other upcoming community features. Simply hold MVN tokens and collect a portion of this fee passively as a reward for Hodling.


Anti-Dump Tax

To discourage large dumps an additional progressive tax is imposed on every sale proportional to the amount sold. This fee will be negligible to most sellers, but will be up to 10% for large sales (approaching 1% of total supply). This fee is burned, which futher decreases the total supply.

MVN Token

The MVN token is a BEP20 token on the binance smart chain. It or it's successor will be used for fee discounts and exlusive access on our upcoming NFT marketplace. An intial supply of 1 Trillion tokens were minted, and no more can ever be created. On each sale transaction a portion of the tokens are burned, meaning MVN will always be deflationary. All available tokens were listed for sale of Pancakewap where anyone was able to purchase fairly on the open market, including founding members.


Fair Launch

All tokens were listed directly to Pancakeswap. All buyer and ownership information is available on chain.

Locked Liquidity

Pancakeswap liquidity pool has been locked. This ensures that tokens can be traded at any time and prevents a rug pull.

Transparent Team

The founding team provides regular updates and is transparent about thier actions related to the project.


NFT Marketplace (Beta)

August 2021

We will soft launch a beta version of our much anticipated NFT marketplace with the ability to browse and trade existing NFTs on the Binance Smart Chain.


September 2021

Rebrand and relaunch our entire project with a new token. Existing MVN token holders will be able to easily swap their old tokens for new tokens.

Exclusive NFTs

October 2021

Exclusive NFT drops for MVN token holders as well as additional improvments to the NFT marketplace.